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Akiko Audio E-Tuning Gold mkII


Our goal was to develop an AC improver that could exceed the existing models of other brands and our own former E-Tuning... And we succeeded, convince yourself!

Even a great power cable can be improved with our E-tuning Gold mk II. We have done extensive testing with power cables from Heavens Gate, Nordost, Chord, Audioquest, Inakustik, and... Akiko Audio. Time and time again an improved sound was clearly audible.mk11 4The 'ET' mk II is filled with a mixture of minerals and piezoelectric and paramagnetic materials and enriched with gold.
The E-Tuning Gold mkII contents are stabilized with black resin, a material which sufficiently suppresses microphony effects. This is an important condition for a calm and pleasant rendering of the music.

This all works because we applied new discoveries in the field of high frequency noise suppression. That it works has also been demonstrated through measurements: suppressing high frequency noise leads to a more pleasant music rendering in the audio spectrum.
Akiko Audio measurements


• Connect it to the power cable of your amplifier, cd player or streamer.
• Connect it to the main supply cable of your audio equipment, for example near the socket or power strip, or to the powercable of your power conditioner.
• Connect it inside the meter cupboard, near or to the power cable of your audio equipment.
• Place the E-Tuning Gold mkII on equipment with a built-in power supply, such as an amplifier, dac, CD player, or streamer.
• Place the E-Tuning Gold mkII on an external power supply.
• Place it on, or as close as possible to, a modem, switch or router. This equipment causes a lot of interference and is very
   sensitive, you will be amazed at how the streaming signal can be improved by the E-Tuning Gold mkII.
• Connect it to a NAS power cable, as close as possible to the device.


They weigh 475 grams each, are 15 centimetres long and 5 centimetres in diameter.

The new E-Tuning Gold mk II has a modern design of black anodised aluminium. An ultra-strong material which doesn't only contribute to its working, but also looks great.
What can you expect? A more natural rendering of instruments, less sharp voices and an increase in spaciousness. More warmth...

And again Akiko Audio's assurance: if you aren't satisfied, you'll get a full refund.


Satisfaction guaranteed, 14 day money back guarantee.


Price: € 249,-


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