Akiko Audio 20mm Tuning Chip

Akiko Audio Capacitor Tuning Chip

Akiko Audio always aspires to create a natural sound; a realistic and relaxed rendering that is able to convey to the listener the specific emotions of a performance.Akiko Audio Capacitor Tuning Chip

The recently developed energetic Tuning Chips are able to harmonise energy currents in places that were previously inaccessible to our other tuning products. The Chip is able to do this by permanently applying harmonising energy there where the Chip has been placed. This improves the signal transmission.

The Tuning Chip is a self-adhesive metal foil, which carries the information, with a black finish and very fine holographic print. Applying it is a quick and easy job.

The Tuning Chips each have their own size, shape and specific area of application.

Only a few Akiko Audio Tuning Chips are sufficient to raise your audio/video system’s performance to a higher level. You can expect a more relaxed rendering and increased perception of the various instruments and voices, as well as a more natural sound, reduced sharpness and richer tone colours. Multiple chips increase the effect.

The Akiko Audio Tuning Chips result from the knowledge and insight we gained by developing our other tuning products over the past years. The energetic process has been developed entirely by ourselves.

The Akiko Audio Tuning Chip: easy to observe improvements with an excellent price/quality ratio!


Capacitor Tuning Chip

We offer this Chip in three sizes: with a 5, 9 and 20mm diameter.  Preferably applied on the upper side of the condenser, as can be seen in the picture.  Especially condensers in the power supply part of equipment have a large influence on the sound quality.

The Akiko Audio Tuning Chips remain active during their lifetime.

Satisfaction guaranteed, 14 day money back guarantee.



  Capacitor Tuning Chip 5mm
  Price: € 6,-
  Capacitor Tuning Chip 9mm
  Price: € 8,-
  Capacitor Tuning Chip 20mm
  Price: € 16,-