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Aktyna EVO DYN

Aktyna EVO DYN


This is the ultra high-end version of the Aktyna DYNARIS speaker feet. Aktyna EVO DYN 2017
The design has been improved in such a way that the internal damping happens twice.
Designer Panayotis Gioulos puts it this way: “EVO DYN is a twin DYNARIS packed into one unit.” 

Part of the energy given by the speaker to the room is usually lost because it is absorbed by the floor of your listening room. The EVO NEO feet decouple your speakers from the floor and at the same time absorb the energy, keeping the floor from resonating. Using these feet prevents an uncontrolled layer, making the middle and high also sound cleaner, which is easy to observe. 

The double absorption of resonance energy happens internally by converting it into small amounts of electricity, according to the piezoelectric principal.
Functions on every surface, but interestingly enough the EVO DYN works extra well on a wooden or stone surface. 
Aktyna feet are the world’s best when it comes to absorbing unwanted vibrations.
They are made in the French Alps; an ingenious design with a lifelong guarantee.  

Akiko Audio is the Aktyna brand importer.


Height: 41 mm
Top diameter: 39,5 mm
Bottom diameter: 59,5 mm
Weight: 185 gram per piece
Maximum load per piece: 60 kilogram


Aktyna EVO DYN Set of 3

Price: € 450,-
(Outside EU € 371,90)
  Aktyna EVO DYN Set of 4

Price: € 595,- 
(Outside EU € 491,74)
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