Aktyna EVO NEO

Aktyna EXO 20th Anniversary version

This is the ultra high-end version of the Aktyna loudspeaker and equipment feet.The top model from the new series.The design has been improved in such a way that the functionality has doubled in quality.

Vibrations caused by your equipment are directly converted into heat.
The tonal balance remains unchanged, but you’ll be amazed by the increase of energy in your listening room. An Aktyna EXO set underneath your high-end equipment and loudspeakers will pleasantly surprise you!

Works especially well underneath the preamplifier and source equipment. Your record player will also profit from the reduction of unwanted side effects caused by micro vibrations in the sensitive audio spectrum. The music is rendered more natural and at the same time more powerful, which is easy to observe.Aktyna exo2

Adapter screws are available for use under your loudspeakers for secure mounting.

Effective on any surface, including glass, wood and carpeting.

Aktyna feet are the world’s best when it comes to absorbing unwanted vibrations.
They are made in the French Alps; an ingenious design with a lifelong guarantee.

Akiko Audio is the Aktyna brand importer.


Height: 42 mm
Diameter: 60 mm
Weight: 275 gram per piece
Maximum load per piece: 54 kilogram


Aktyna EXO Set of 3 pieces
Price: € 390,- (Outside EU € 322,31)
  Aktyna EXO Set of 4 pieces

Price: € 515,- (Outside EU € 425,62)
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