Aktyna power cord SCM VOLTEX MASTER Reference reference vergroot


The best Aktyna power cable.

A proper power supply is essential for your valuable equipment to work at its best. Especially the power cable has a significant influence on the rendering quality. This is difficult to explain, but easy to hear!

The Master Reference is made entirely by hand and produces a high-level sound. Anyone who has heard of the Aktyna feet, or their exceptional Interlinks, knows that this brand is capable of taking ultra-high-end quality to an even higher level. 

Here’s what you may expect: a wholesome upgrade to your system, uniquely true rendering of your music, and by using carefully selected materials the power cable will render your sound more energetically, lively and expressive as well. For Akytna’s owner, image.pngPanayotis Gioulos, the musical quality comes first, and that’s exactly what you’ll get when you connect this power cable to your set. No exaggerated looks, always a focus on quality. 

A cable design inspired by the organic forms found in nature, fabricated with the most modern techniques. Every copy is made with love and devotion and comes with a certificate and lifelong Aktyna guarantee.



The conductors are made from extruded tellurium copper, which is drenched in 0.5% gold during the process. This is done to reduce crystal oxidation and make the cable more flexible. Of course, this precaution ensures high conduction too, which proves well for durability. After pressing, the conductors pass through seven cryogenic treatments. Every process builds on the last one and can take up to 48 hours.

The multiple conductors are then enamelled with a patented varnish to repel EMI/RFI radiation. Next, the conductors are mechanically organised and geometrised to generate the ‘magneto supra’ conductive effect. Finally, extra elements are added to control resonance, memory and microphonic effects.



  1 meter   
  Price: € 950,-
  (Outside EU: € 785,12)
     1.5 meter
   Price: € 1195,-
   (Outside EU: € 987,60)
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