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Furutech FI-48 NCF Ag

The Furutech FI-48 NCF (Ag) is part of the brand's range of connectors incorporating the NCF material and benefiting, as with all Furutech products, from an excellent quality design. It uses high quality components, carefully selected for their performance in audiophile use. The connector contacts are made of pure Silver-plated pure copper with Alpha treatment (α). The latter consists of a first cryogenization step and a second demagnetization step, which increases the conductivity of the contacts.

The connector body is made of Nylon and Fiberglass as well as NCF (Nano Crystal² Formula), an anti-resonance material. The latter uses a crystalline material with two active properties. The first is to generate negative ions to eliminate static electricity and the second is to convert thermal energy into infrared. Furutech combines NCF with ceramic nano-particles and carbon powder for a piezoelectric damping effect. The connector shell is made of non-magnetic SUS303 Steel, improving both the durability of the connector and limiting the impact of interference on the signal. The connector also uses an efficient cable holding system, using a metal clamp.

Floating Field Damper System

The magnetic field running through a cable and its connector create a magnetic and electrostatic field around them several times a second. This magnetic field induces current leakage and electrical potential in small components such as screws that hold the connector body and must be made of metal for effective clamping. Current leaks in these components create a magnetic field floating around them and interfering with the larger magnetic field of the cable and connector and generating distortion and noise.

The Floating Field Damper System technology solves this problem by grounding these metal parts. All the different metal parts of the connector are connected to each other and shunt the generated electrical potentials to ground. This significantly reduces noise by reducing distortion for extremely clean and stable energy transfer.

Cable diameter: Max 20mm


 Price: € 249,- (Outside EU € 205,79)

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