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Wilbrand Acoustics Silver Fuse


Almost every device in your audio and video set up comes with one or more fuses. Manufactures of your precious equipment don’t pay any attention to this part. This is unacceptable, as all the electricity you need to eventually listen to music first comes through the very thin fuse wire.

The Wilbrand Acoustics fuse that we offer has a fuse wire of heavy silver. Measurements have shown that the resistance encountered by the current is three times lower because of this. Moreover, the glass tube is filled with ceramic material which guarantees mechanical stability.

What is most exceptional about Wilbrand Acoustics fuses, however, is that they come with end caps made of nickel. As almost all devices have fuse holders that are made of nickel these Wilbrand fuses prevent any ion current between different metals. Oxidising doesn´t stand a chance and the contacts remain clean!

The Wilbrand fuse is a German quality product. Because the provided current ratings are very accurate the fuse can be safely used to replace a cheap standard fuse.
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Which improvements can you expect?

  • Increased dynamics
  • Music sounds more energetic
  • Low becomes tighter
  • Spaciousness increases



  • Measurements: 5 x 20 mm
  • Silver fuse wire
  • Ceramic fuse
  • Made in Germany
  • Can be bought together with an Akiko Audio Fuse Tuning Chip on top, for an even better result

Wilbrand Fuse 4

Available current values:

Slow-Blow  0,125 A

Slow-Blow  0,160 A

Slow-Blow  0,2 A

Slow-Blow  0,25 A

Slow-Blow  0,315 A

Slow-Blow  0,5 A

Slow-Blow  0,630 A

Slow-Blow  1 A

Slow-Blow  1,25 A

Slow-Blow  1,6 A

Slow-Blow  2 A

Slow-Blow  2,5 A

Slow-Blow  3,15 A

Slow-Blow  4 A

Slow-Blow  5 A

Slow-Blow  6,3 A

Slow-Blow  8 A

Slow-Blow 10 A

Please add the current value(s) as a comment to your order, in the box 'special requests' before checking out.


  Silver Fuse

  Price: € 17,50 per piece


  Silver Fuse with Tuning Chip

  Price: € 21,50 per piece

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