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furutech fi 8n

Furutech FI-8N

UNIQUE: Hi-grade figure-8 connector

Rhodium or Gold plated Beryllium copper and Phosphor Bronze, non-magnetic, super cryogenically treated (FURUTECH a-process)

-Body: nylon/fiberglass

-Connection: set screw

-Polycarbonate cable clamp

-Cable outer diameters from 6.0mm to 13.0mm

-Wire accommodation: max. 2.4mm dia (solid core) // 2.0 Sq. mm (stranded wire)

-Dimensions: 36.8 x 28.2 x 71.0mm overall (BxHxL)

Gouden uitvoering
Prijs: € 50,-

                                                                          Rhodium uitvoering
Prijs: € 65,-