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MeiCord Opal - not available

For manufacturing reasons, Meicord has decided to stop selling their MeiCord opal LAN cables. 

They work with high pressure out on the development of an innovative, even better LAN cable MeiCord opal II.

Why is the MeiCord opal no longer in production?

The last cable deliveries they received did not meet the required limit values of the patchcord standard (TIA and ISO). Many assembled patch cords failed metrologically and were therefore scrapped / devalued. A positive profitability can no longer be represented. The technical problems (Return loss / RL) could not be solved. That is why they have finally parted with their long-term supplier.

When will the new opal II be launched?

They strive for a completely new development of cables and plugs. This will take time. The first tests are very positive.